ChatGPT、AI、Google Chrome 擴充功能相關文章/ChatGPT, AI, Google Chrome extensions related articles

0017 Lofi Girl 消失不見,原來是Lofi Boy來了! Lofi Girl disappeared? Lofi Boy is here!

0016 這不是愚人節,Skype中的Bing來了!This is not an April Fool’s joke, Bing has arrived on Skype!

0015 ChatGPT+Subtitle Edit:用 AI 讓中英雙語字幕零難度/ChatGPT + Subtitle Edit: Making Bilingual Subtitling Effortless with AI

0014 只交 ChatGPT 一個朋友不過癮,Poe 讓你和所有 AI 機器人當知己/It’s not enough to have only one friend like ChatGPT, but with Poe, you can befriend all AI robots.

0013 你家客廳缺一張清明上河圖?MultiDiffusion AI 無腦生成全景圖技法/Does your living room lack a panoramic painting? AI technique for brainlessly generating panoramic images

0012 LINE+ChatGPT:如何透過LINE與ChatGPT聊天/LINE+ChatGPT: How to chat with ChatGPT through LINE

0011 Clipchamp終極教程:剪片不用煩,Clipchamp幫你把ChatGPT生成的一堆文字,快速變成語音和字幕。The Ultimate Guide to Clipchamp: Say Goodbye to Tedious Video Editing – Clipchamp helps you quickly turn the text generated by ChatGPT into audio and subtitles.

0010 ChatGPT的提問技巧:提問前、提問時及提問後/ChatGPT’s Questioning Skills: Before, During, and After Asking Questions

0009 ChatGPT plugins 官方外掛來囉!ChatGPT official plugin is now available!

0008 2023年3月23日 Github Copilot X 來了!Github Copilot X is here!

0007 AI 畫手不成反類犬?讓 AI 繪製出更好手部的七個方法。AI Struggles to Draw Hand-like Hands? Seven Ways to Get AI Art Generators to Draw Hands Better”

0006 tome歷險記:讓AI幫你做報告,無腦生成PPT。The Adventures of tome: Let AI Help You Make Reports

ChatGPT、AI、Google Chrome 擴充功能相關文章/ChatGPT, AI, Google Chrome extensions related articles

0005 ChatGPT Prompt Genius手把手教學:不只存檔匯出聊天記錄,還能幫你把握AI思維,讓創意起飛!ChatGPT Prompt Genius Tutorial: Not Just for Saving and Exporting Chat Logs, But Also for Guiding Your AI Thinking and Boosting Creativity!

0004 YouTube Summary with ChatGPT:讓你遠離YouTube上的垃圾影音,直接列重點給你看。YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: Keep you away from junk videos on YouTube and directly present the key points to you.

0003 2023年3月15日:ChatGPT 已向 Plus 訂閱用戶開放 GPT-4,但 GPT-4 有變聰明嗎?March 15, 2023: ChatGPT has been made available to Plus subscribers with GPT-4, but has GPT-4 become smarter?

0002 瞬息萬變的世界哪能不連網?WebChatGPT助你解鎖時間限制,掌握最新動態!How can you not stay connected in a rapidly changing world? WebChatGPT helps you unlock time constraints and keep up with the latest trends!

0001 讓 ChatGPT 很懂你!超多指令的 AIPRM 外掛完整教學Make ChatGPT understand you better! Complete tutorial on AIPRM plugin with numerous commands


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