ChatGPT、AI、Google Chrome 擴充功能相關文章/ChatGPT, AI, Google Chrome extensions related articles

0012 LINE+ChatGPT:如何透過LINE與ChatGPT聊天/LINE+ChatGPT: How to chat with ChatGPT through LINE

0011 Clipchamp終極教程:剪片不用煩,Clipchamp幫你把ChatGPT生成的一堆文字,快速變成語音和字幕。The Ultimate Guide to Clipchamp: Say Goodbye to Tedious Video Editing – Clipchamp helps you quickly turn the text generated by ChatGPT into audio and subtitles.

0010 ChatGPT的提問技巧:提問前、提問時及提問後/ChatGPT’s Questioning Skills: Before, During, and After Asking Questions

0009 ChatGPT plugins 官方外掛來囉!ChatGPT official plugin is now available!

0008 2023年3月23日 Github Copilot X 來了!Github Copilot X is here!

0007 AI 畫手不成反類犬?讓 AI 繪製出更好手部的七個方法。AI Struggles to Draw Hand-like Hands? Seven Ways to Get AI Art Generators to Draw Hands Better”

0006 tome歷險記:讓AI幫你做報告,無腦生成PPT。The Adventures of tome: Let AI Help You Make Reports

ChatGPT、AI、Google Chrome 擴充功能相關文章/ChatGPT, AI, Google Chrome extensions related articles

0005 ChatGPT Prompt Genius手把手教學:不只存檔匯出聊天記錄,還能幫你把握AI思維,讓創意起飛!ChatGPT Prompt Genius Tutorial: Not Just for Saving and Exporting Chat Logs, But Also for Guiding Your AI Thinking and Boosting Creativity!

0004 YouTube Summary with ChatGPT:讓你遠離YouTube上的垃圾影音,直接列重點給你看。YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: Keep you away from junk videos on YouTube and directly present the key points to you.

0003 2023年3月15日:ChatGPT 已向 Plus 訂閱用戶開放 GPT-4,但 GPT-4 有變聰明嗎?March 15, 2023: ChatGPT has been made available to Plus subscribers with GPT-4, but has GPT-4 become smarter?

0002 瞬息萬變的世界哪能不連網?WebChatGPT助你解鎖時間限制,掌握最新動態!How can you not stay connected in a rapidly changing world? WebChatGPT helps you unlock time constraints and keep up with the latest trends!

0001 讓 ChatGPT 很懂你!超多指令的 AIPRM 外掛完整教學Make ChatGPT understand you better! Complete tutorial on AIPRM plugin with numerous commands


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