AI 畫手不成反類犬?讓 AI 繪製出更好手部的七個方法。AI Struggles to Draw Hand-like Hands? Seven Ways to Get AI Art Generators to Draw Hands Better”

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Despite the complexity of hands, there are some tricks you can use to get better results from your AI art generator. The key is in understanding the capacities of Artificial Intelligence and modifying your prompts to better account for those limitations. Here are a few tips that can help you solve the problem of AI not being able to draw perfect hands:

  1. Include enough detail in your prompt: Provide a detailed description of the pose and action you want, such as an open or closed hand. You can also provide small details such as fingerprints or the shape of the hand.
  2. Give hands something to do or keep them in natural positions: Active hands tend to render better. For example, holding a sword or pointing forward. When you need to draw realistic hands, it’s best to keep them in natural positions so they don’t look strange.
  3. Provide reference photos or images: If the AI cannot understand what you want, provide a reference photo or image. Many image generation tools now offer image-to-image generation, so you can take advantage of this.
  4. Use inpainting: Inpainting allows you to erase part of the generated image and have AI fill it in.
  5. Use editing software to remove the AI-generated hands: If you really don’t want the AI-generated hands, you can use editing software to remove them.
  6. Don’t draw hands: If you don’t need hands in your image, don’t include them in your prompt. In MidJourney, you can use negative prompts such as –no hands.
  7. Hire an expert: If the AI-generated image is good except for the hands, and no matter how you modify the prompts you are still unsatisfied, consider hiring a professional artist to redraw them. Spending a little money for a perfect large image is a good idea.

儘管手部很複雜性,對AI有點難度,但其實有一些技巧,可以幫助你獲得更好的結果。如果你在生成過程中,稍微修改一下你的提示,或許能更好地解決 AI 畫不出完美手掌的困擾。




四、運用修復功能(Inpainting):Inpainting 可讓你抺除AI生成圖像的某些部分,然後再叫 AI 填補回去。


六、不要畫手:如果你畫面不必然要有手在裡面,那就不要在生成指令中提到要畫手。在 MidJourney 中,你可以使用負面提示,例如:–no hands。

七、花錢了事:如果AI生成的整張圖都不錯,只差那隻手,但請 AI 怎麼改你都不滿意,那就請人(不是AI喔!)幫你重畫吧!花點小錢,卻可以得到一張完美的大圖,不失為好主意。


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